• 2012 Pro Identity, Workshop with Saul Robbins american photographer, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest
  • 2008-2010 KONTAKT Courses of Art Photograpy, Faculty of Fashion Photography and Faculty of Video Art, Budapest
  • 2002-2008 University of Pécs, Arts Department, Faculty of Communications
  • 2004-2007 Camera Anima Arts School, Faculty of Photography, Budapest
  • 2001-2007 University of Pécs, Arts Department, Faculty of Political Sciences

Selected solo exhibitions

  • 2022 Substance, pop up solo show at the artist's atelier, Tahitótfalu, Hungary
  • 2019 Illusion of knowing, with Zoltán Vadászi, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest
  • 2016 Essenceless, with Tünde Újszászi, Mono Art and Design Gallery, Budapest

Selected group exhibitions

  • 2022 Lost in translation, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest
  • 2021 MyMuseum 2.0, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest
  • 2020 Art Market Budapest, MyMuseum Gallery
  • 2019 One in a Million, Brody Studio, Budapest
  • 2019 ArtScience, MANK, Szentendre
  • 2018 Relative time, Uránia National Film Theather, Budapest
  • 2018 Groping in the dark, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest
  • 2017 Stop the music!, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest
  • 2017 States of mind, Pegazus, Szentbékálla
  • 2017 Art Market Budapest, MyMuseum Gallery
  • 2017 Outside the box, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest
  • 2016 In Essence, K.A.S. Gallery, Budapest
  • 2016 The starting lineup, Karinthy Saloon, Budapest
  • 2015 To be counted, Group exhibition of new members of FFS (Studio of Young Photographers Hungary) MÜSZI, Budapest
  • 2011 László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant, Museum of Applied Arts Budapest, collaboration with Endre Fazekas fashion designer
  • 2009 ’ARC’ poster exhibition, ’Street Fighters’, collaboration with János Bődey photographer
  • 2009 Heroes’ Square and ÓÓ Gallery Budapest HURAKO group, ’Search Key Zone’, A. P. A. Gallery, Budapest
  • 2008 Diploma Exhibition, Közelítés Gallery, Pécs
  • 2006 Month of Photography, Godot Gallery, Budapest