My body of work contains video art and photography series of contemplative nature. My video works are primarily inspired by the experience of meditative observation and presence, which in many cases uncovers unstable layers of meaning and their analogies. I am highly influenced by the regularities of human existence and its quality, as well as its harmonic, yet contradictory relationship with nature.

The rapport between clothing (as kind of abstraction) and personality is included in my latest works. The installations of visual artist Tünde Újszászi also appear in my oeuvre complementing my course of thought and the context I create. I consider them a powerful reflection on motifs of time and passing, which realities are significantly altering the course of my creative process.



2012:  PRO IDENTITY, Workshop with Saul Robbins american photographer, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest
2008-2010:  KONTAKT Courses of Art Photograpy, Faculty of Fashion Photography and Faculty of Video Art, Budapest
2002-2008:  University of Pécs, Arts Department, Faculty of Communications
2004-2007:  Camera Anima Arts School, Faculty of Photography, Budapest
2001-2007:  University of Pécs, Arts Department, Faculty of Political Sciences


2007:  ’Inward’, Autonomous Report, Youth House of Pécs
2006:  Autonomous Report, University of Pécs, Department of Communications and Media Sciences
2004:  Autonomous Report, Naiv Gallery, Pécs


2016:  Essenceless, Group exhibition with Tünde Újszászi, MONO art & design Gallery, Budapest
2015:  To be counted, Group exhibition of new members of FFS (Studio of Young Photographers Hungary) MŰSZI, Budapest
2014:  Celeste Prize, Contemporary Art Contest, ’Human Visibility’, Assab One, Milan Lajos Kozma Crafts and Design Grant, Museum of Applied Arts Budapest, collaboration with Márta Kanics textile designer (Human Visibility), Orsolya Poppre designer (Images) and Tünde Újszászi artist, designer (The Black Rectangle video)
2012:  Lajos Kozma Crafts and Design Grant, Museum of Applied Arts Budapest, collaboration with Tünde Újszászi artist, designer (photo documentation about The Object)
2011:  László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant, Museum of Applied Arts Budapest, collaboration with Endre Fazekas fashion designer
2009:  ’ARC’ poster exhibition, ’Street Fighters’, collaboration with János Bődey photographer, Heroes’ Square and ÓÓ Gallery Budapest HURAKO group, ’Search Key Zone’, A. P. A. Gallery, Budapest
2008:  Diploma Exhibition, Közelítés Gallery, Pécs
2006:  Month of Photography, Godot Gallery, Budapest


2015:  Close film, Freedom of Form 2015 Competition, Interference Festival, European Solidarity Centre, Gdansk, Polland, Grand Prix nomination in the category: Creative Advertising Piece
2014:  Attic (Contemplative Video Series), LICC (London International Creative Competition), Shortlist
2014:  Human Visibility, Celeste Prize, Assab One, Milan, first prize in the category: Photography and Digital Art