Video work made to accompany the installation titled “Difference” by Tünde Újszászi. This work of fine art consists of two parts. The video first presents the six metres long wall, with the height of six and a half metres (with the suspension), made of Scots pine, and it then presents the part made of a hundred standalone elements. During the film, short excerpts from the detailed interview with the artists can be heard. The identical motto of the video and the installation is a quote from Béla Hamvas. Credits: cinematography: Ákos Rajnai – installation and narration: Tünde Újszászi – static consultant: Ágnes Horváth – statitc consultant: Áron Urbanics – alpinist consultant: György Venczel – alpinist: András Vigassy – translation: Péter Radics – alpinist assistant: Attila Vigassy – car with platform: István Bori, Viktor Bori – hanger equipments: Attila Kanalas