Möbelkunst is not just a collection of 20th century furniture relics but increasingly a creative workshop, as creative renovation of objects is a permanent arena for experimenting. This time, the team is reinforced by designers also engaged in upcycling: Sára Kele and Tünde Újszászi helps re-creating objects, while media artist Ákos Rajnai is responsible for the installation presenting the collection. For the LOOP project, iron frames of 60 to 70-year old relax chairs were selected. Their salvation did not aim at imitating their original state, but at creating a completely new collection of unique pieces. The chairs are revived with graphic structures, playful flexibility and vivid colours made of loops, knots and ropes; this is how they return to the circle of objects for use.Documentary video: Opening event, Möbelkunst, Budapest. Credits: designers: Sára Kele, Tünde Újszászi – production: Barbara Markó at MÖBELKUNST – installation: Ákos Rajnai – character: Kornél Nágel – music: Lemongrass